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Virtual Services

Therapy Services

Reading Therapy Sessions

Private, one hour virtual session with a certified dyslexia practitioner. Sessions are offered 1-3 times per week based on need and availability.

A dyslexia diagnosis is not needed for services! We can provide services to any child with or without a diagnosis.



Speech and Language  Therapy Sessions

Private, one hour virtual session with a New Jersey licensed Speech Language Pathologist. 

*Only Available to New Jersey Residents at this time*

Superbills are available for potential Insurance reimbursement


Educational Services

Homeschool Package

The homeschool package includes two private sessions for one child and one 30 minute session for parents each week. During the parent session, we will give you recommendations for instructing your child at home throughout the week.


IEP Review

We will review your child's reading goals in their Individualized Education Plan. We will give advice on how you can help your child at home. We will also answer any questions you have about how to achieve your child's goals. This is a private, 30 minute session.


Complimentary Services


We provide free, virtual, screenings for students. This is our small way of giving back and supporting evidence-based literacy education.


Parent Consultation

We provide one free, 30 minute consultation for parents. We will discuss skills your child can work on. We will also provide activities you can complete at home.


Adult Reader

This session is offered to adults who wants to improve their own reading skills. We can meet individually and virtually to discuss the reading skills you wish to improve. We will help support you in any reading skills that you feel you need. These sessions are 100% free and confidential.

How Can You Pay for Services?

Dyslexia and reading therapy sessions are not a billable services to insurance. We can charge Health Service Account (HSA) cards for services with proper documentation from your medical provider. We accept credit cards, Class Wallet payments, and grants from qualified states. We know finances can be a barrier for some families. We continually work to provide more payment options to increase access to services. Please contact us with any questions.

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