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Kim Duren

Certified Academic Language Therapist

My name is Kim Duren and I am excited to be part of the Moving Mountains team.  I am a seasoned educator with 30 years of experience in Reading and Dyslexia.  I have had the pleasure of meeting the needs of students with a reading disadvantage and have watched them grow individually to become outstanding graduates and citizens.  My experience has allowed me and will continue to allow me to grow professionally in the field of education.  I love helping students of all ages succeed and look forward to the opportunity to continue my career reaching more students.  My passion includes individualized tutoring sessions with students that have dyslexia.  I have tutored not only small groups of students with dyslexia but I have also provided one on one individualized tutoring for students all over the United States.  I have enjoyed the personal one on one interaction with these amazing scholars and tailoring the tutoring sessions to individualized needs.  


I have been married to my wonderful husband, Tracy, for 28 years and have two amazing daughters.  Madison is a nurse and Kacy is an Educator.  We live in Dallas/Ft. Worth area in Texas and love spending time with our adult children.  


I look forward to continuing to touch lives through reading for many years to come.

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